Friday 26 July 2019


SONGBIRD Vimbai Zimuto says her children are not bothered by nudity as they embraced it as part of her career.

Speaking on the sidelines of her photo exhibition press conference, she said her daughters are happy with the way she is being artistic.

The exhibition will be held at The Venue in Avondale. “I have two daughters Keisha and Keita, aged 15 and eight years old. They were not really aware about what I am doing until very recent when Keisha joined Instagram.

“She started following me and noticed my pictures, all of them and she went through all the comments.

“For some unknown reasons, she was not surprised by the pictures, she actually came to me with a history textbook and showed me a picture similar to mine.

“It was nude with someone mourning the victims of world war and I was really surprised,” said Vimbai.

The Netherlands based versatile entertainer said her daughter was only pissed by some of the nasty comments she came across.

“She was a bit affected by some of the comments but I had to sit her down, tell her that it doesn’t affect me.

“For now, I’m restricting her from Facebooking because I feel like she is still too young for the Facebook comments and responses,” said Vimbai
She added: “The last born Keita is very artistic, way more than I am. She is so much into drawing and she is drawing all my pictures.

“Honestly, I can’t wait to showcase the hardcopies of my nudes, the pencil version done by my very own daughter. For now I’m also restricting her from social media until she is 15.

“I don’t want to put her in a scenario whereby her dream and talent will be affected by social media comments and reactions.

“For now, I am trying by all means to allow my daughters to live a normal life, a life of their own where no one sets standards for them.” H Metro


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