Friday 26 July 2019


My Fellow Zimbabweans,

We are faced with a terrible situation in our country and we must find a lasting solution.

I know that you are suffering with no fuel, no power, no money, no passports, no jobs and no food. The cost of living has become unbearable. A lot of us cannot access medical facilities or medication. Children are dropping out of schools. Companies are shutting down.

Our civil servants, our teachers, nurses, patriotic men and women in uniform are struggling and have inadequate salaries.

Our pensioners including our war veterans can hardly survive. Corruption has become a national anthem.

In the rural areas just like the urban areas, life has become unbearable. Food is being abused as a partisan political weapon.

For that reason, I am urging all Zimbabweans from all walks of life and various denominations, in and outside the country to embark on a seven day prayer, fasting and intercession for our beloved country, Zimbabwe before undertaking crucial and decisive next steps.

In particular, during the seven days of prayer, starting from Monday the 29th of July to
Sunday the 4th of August, I kindly ask you to take an hour between 1pm and 2pm every day to lift your hands and submit your hearts to the Lord beseeching him to grant us the power, wisdom, strength and providence to see us through.

Rallying call, “Zimbabwe shall lift her hands unto the Lord”
Psalm 68:31, Psalms 11:3 & 2 Chronicles 7:14

Victory is certain!

I thank you


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