Wednesday 19 June 2019


MDC youth have threatened to roll out mass protests in rural areas, which are traditionally considered to be Zanu PF strongholds.

Addressing delegates during commemorations of the Day of the African Child at Kasuwo Business Centre in Mbire district, Mashonaland Central, at the weekend, MDC deputy youth chairperson Cecilia Chimbiri said the only option left to force the government to act on the economic crisis was to mobilise for countrywide mass protests.

“This month we call it month of radicalisation where we are saying, we are going to stand for our stolen vote. It is starting right here in the rural areas. Massive protests are looming here in the rural area,” Chimbiri said to thunderous applause.

“Today, we are declaring our courage to demonstrate on this youth day. The (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa regime has failed to look after us the youth. We are suffering the most due to unemployment. We should not be afraid to besiege the streets because that is where it is more comfortable than our homes.” 

Chimbiri said youth should not fold their hands while corrupt people loot the country’s resources.

“Enough is enough this time. We will not reach 2023 with Mnangagwa leading this country. They have been looting ever since their coup in November 2017. But the youth should not fold their hands and watch. We are going to remove him with protests, the same way he removed former President Robert Mugabe,” she said.

The opposition party’s national youth deputy organiser, Netsai Marova said protests were going to be more vigorous in rural areas more than cities because that is where the majority of citizens were.

“The majority of youths who are suffering are in rural areas and that is where we are going to be more vigorous in removing Mnangagwa. You shall be notified on the strategy to use in a bid to force the government out,” Marowa said.

MDC Mashonaland Central deputy spokesperson Advance Weluzani said youth in rural areas were geared for the demonstrations.

“This time around we are not afraid of Zanu PF militias. We know they will kill, but they will not succeed in stopping us,” Weluzani said. Newsday


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