Friday 21 June 2019


A BINGA traditional chief is suing his three subjects for US$24 000 in damages for defamation of character and unlawful seizure of his chieftainship regalia.

He accuses them of spreading news alleging that he is a womaniser and an irresponsible person not fit to occupy a leadership position.

Mr Edward Munkombwe, who is Chief Dobola in Kamativi area, is accusing Mr Mathias Mungombe and his two cousins, Messrs Mackson Munkombwe and Akim Munkombwe of defaming his character by saying bad things which tarnish his image as a chief. 

Chief Dobola, who is a self actor, filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court citing his three subjects as defendants.

In papers before the court, Chief Dobola said the three defendants grossly damaged his reputation and dignity and were liable to paying him damages for defamation of character and injuring his dignity.

“Sometime in January this year, the defendants held a series of private meetings aimed at slandering me during which they defamed my character and stated that I was a womaniser and an irresponsible person who is not worthy of being a chief,” he said.

Chief Dobola said the accusations were baseless and unfounded. “The accusations were maliciously uttered with the intention to humiliate me in the community over which I exercise my authority as a public official. Consequently, the members of the community over which I preside in my capacity as their chief, have lost respect for me and my integrity,” he said.

The chief said the three defendants also unlawfully seized his regalia and seeks an order directing them to return it.

“Wherefore, the plaintiff claim for an order directing the defendants to return my traditional chieftainship regalia and to pay me US$24 000 being contumelia including the cost of suit on an attorney-client scale,” he said.

The defendants are yet to respond to the summons. Chronicle


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