Friday 21 June 2019


A BULAWAYO man is suing a local businessman for RTGS$300 000 in damages for allegedly engaging in an adulterous relationship with his wife.

The aggrieved man, Mr Dick Sakala, is accusing Mr Gordon Virimai, who is based in Australia, of engaging in an adulterous relationship with his wife, Mrs Yvonne Sakala (59).

Mr Sakala, through his lawyers VJ Mpofu and Associates, filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court citing Mr Virimai as a defendant. 

In papers before the court, Mr Sakala said he discovered the illicit affair after intercepting text and WhatsApp messages on his wife’s cellphone, which were sent by her lover.

“The defendant has had a romantic and illicit relationship or has committed adultery with my wife well knowing of her marital status which has been confirmed by the defendant’s wife who is in Australia,” he said.

Mr Sakala said their marriage was solemnised in terms of Chapter 5:11 of the Marriages Act on July 27 in 1980. The couple has three grown up children.

Mr Sakala said due to the adulterous affair between his wife and Mr Virimai, the two lovers had a public fallout after Mrs Sakala allegedly defrauded her boyfriend of more than US$41 000. 

Mr Sakala said his wife has brought his name into disrepute after the fraud case was publicised in the media.

Mrs Sakala allegedly masqueraded as overseer of a certain family trust which sells several properties and defrauded Mr Virimai of US$41 870.

The case is still pending before the courts. Mr Sakala said due to the adulterous affair, he has lost consortium and comfort.

He wants a court order that compels Mr Virimai to pay RTGS$300 000 in damages for loss of consortium and contumelia.

“Owing to the adulterous relationship, I have lost the consortium, comfort and society of my wife resulting in damages in the sum of RTGS$150 000 and also resulting in contumelia or hurt feelings with damages totalling RTG$150 000, which is due and payable by the defendant,” he said. 

Mr Virimai is yet to respond to the lawsuit. Chronicle


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