Friday 28 June 2019


We have called this press briefing to express our thoughts and dismay at the recent events and statements by the not so youthful Zanu PF Youth League on corruption. As a party and as an Assembly, we have always maintained that Zanu PF is corrupt and so to begin with they have no locus standi to comment or let alone address issues to do with corruption.

The greatest form of corruption is denying the people the right to choose leaders of their choice through electoral fraud and rigging as has been the case with the institution where the Zanu PF Youth League belongs to. A party whose officials stink with corruption scandals like the Willowgate scandal, NOCZIM scandal, Marange Diamonds scandal, has no moral probity to lead the anti-corruption crusade or let alone speak about it.

 A party whose President enlisted more than 100 cash externalisers but with not even a single person getting arrested or convicted is not fit to talk about anti-corruption! It is an insult to the people of Zimbabwe for Zanu PF Youth League to name and shame officials in the corruption laden party leaving a big in the house, for we all know that a fish rot from the head. It is absurd and insufficient to talk of corruption without citing Emmerson Mnangagwa's shoddy mining cartels in the mineral rich areas along Kwekwe. 

 It is a public secret that Mr Mnangagwa owns virtually all gold mines in Kwekwe in what is infamously referred to as "mhuu" whereby his cartel collect 50% share from the illegal gold panners or amakorokoza. Even one of Mnangagwa's ministers, Owen Mudha Ncube was one of Mnangagwa frontman in extorting gold panners and was rewarded with a ministerial post. 

 Mr Mnangagwa in partnership with the Chinese nationals is also the sole exporter of chrome in Zimbabwe and as such it is mind boggling to blindly exempt him from a list of corrupt people. Virtually everyone in Mr Mnangagwa's presidium is stinking with corruption! We all know about the clandestine operations of the military under the command of none other than Guveya Chiwenga in Marange area using a company called Anjin to sanitize diamond looting in that area.

 Kembo Mohadi too is not a saint! Mohadi has multiple farms in the Beitbrdge-Mateke area yet the same people talk of one man, one farm. What of Mohadi's abuse of ZRP in his nasty fall out with his estranged wife Tambudzani! It is clear that the anti-corruption facade by Zanu PF is meant to achieve two things which are not in any way interlinked to the war against corruption. 

 Firstly, the attention seeking drama is bend on entertaining and diverting long suffering citizenry from focusing on scourging prices and stinking poverty authored by the very same party. Secondly and more importantly to Zanu PF is that this is an internal detonation that is meant to purge remnants of G40 and those aligned to Constantine Chiwenga's factional camp. In short this is a factional battle at play which has nothing to do with the fight against corruption.

 If anything, the Zanu PF Youth League's so called anti-corruption drive exposes and portray the corrupt nature of state institutions like ZACC and ZRP. This is because normally the police force which is funded on tax payers' money is supposed to be taking the lead in investigating and arresting the corrupt officials instead of a youth wing of a corrupt political ensemble.

 That ZACC too is quiet exposes the personnel that constitute the commission and the appointing authority who in that case is Mr Mnangagwa. It is our firm belief that only those that have been genuinely calling and speaking against corruption like the MDC have the probity to lead, speak and act against corruption. For Zanu PF to say they are against corruption, is a case of a mosquito wanting to cure malaria. As an Assembly of genuine young leaders, it is our duty to serve, save and protect young people like Lewis Matutu from abuse. 

It is unfortunate that young people in Zanu PF as has always been the norm are used to settle political scores under the guise of fighting corruption.


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