Thursday 30 May 2019


A member of shadowy anti-Government organisation who allegedly received training in Maldives with intent to roll out violent and illegal demonstrations in the country, yesterday appeared in court facing allegations of subverting a constitutionally-elected Government.

Stabile Dewa (34) who works at Women’s Academy Leadership in Political Excellence (WALPE) is being jointly charged with Beauty Rita Nyampinga (61) of Communication Services and Allied Union Workers of Zimbabwe (CASWUZ) who is currently in hospital and could not attend court.

Prosecutor Mr Charles Muchemwa applied for the placement of remand of Dewa and told the court that he intended to make a hospital remand for Nyampinga.

Dewa’s lawyer Mr Jeremiah Bhamu told the court that he was opposed to placement of remand of his client. 

He also made complaints against the police whom he accused of denying his client access to her legal team.

“The position of the law is that access comes immediately upon the arrest of an accused person,” he said.

In response Mr Muchemwa told the court that he abide by the same reasons for the previous matter in his application for placement of Dewa on remand.

Mr Muchemwa said Dewa and Nyampinga will be co-joined with the other four who are already on remand on the same charges.
Harare magistrate Mr Hosea Mujaya remanded Dewa in custody to June 6.

The court heard that on 13 May, the accused who are members of various civic society organisations connived with their accomplices who are already on remand travelled to Maldives where they allegedly underwent a training workshop organised by a Serbian non-governmental organisation called Centre for Applied Non Violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) with the intent to subvert a constitutionally elected government of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

It is alleged that during the workshop, the accused were trained on how to mobilise citizens to turn against the Government and to engage in acts of civil disobedience and/or resistance to any law during the anticipated national protest by anti-Government movements.

The court heard that the duo were also trained on how to operate small arms and to evade arrest during civil unrest. The State also alleges that they were taught basics of counter intelligence and acts of terrorism.

It is alleged that on May 27, 2019 the two were intercepted and arrested upon arrival at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport whilst coming back from Maldives. Herald


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