Sunday 24 February 2019


Zimdancehall chanter Enzo Ishall’s second performance in Bulawayo on Saturday was dampened by a sound glitch during his set that disappointed many fans who had packed Club Cosmopolitan.

This was his second performance in the city following another sold out event at The Vista last weekend.

With surprise performances from his Chillspot Records stable-mates, Hwinza, Pumacol and Uncle Epatan, the show that was oversubscribed could have easily gone down as one of the best events as these are the most sought-after Zimdancehall artistes currently but the poor sound and short performance killed it.

Warming up the stage for Enzo just after 1AM was Hwinza who set the club on fire with his throaty voice. He performed his song Lula Lula that was a hit among fans as they continuously demanded him to perform it. Uncle Epatan took to the stage after Hwinza and maintained the high energy.

The main act, Enzo then took over with the performance of his mellow song Matsimba. After performing a couple more songs, he started performing his three major hit-singles in their order of release. He started off with Kanjiva that people sang along to and did the Kanjiva dance.

As they were now in the mood to dance, the sound system developed a fault. In no time, Enzo was no longer audible. At this point, he had just begun performing ‘Smart Rinotangira Kutsoka’ with some having removed their shoes to dance along to the tune.

When the sound system was acting up, fans who tried to be patient for some time started expressing disgruntlement after noticing that the sound technicians were having difficulties fixing it. They began singing ‘into oyenzayo siyayizonda’ to show their anger. Fortunately, no missiles were thrown to the artiste as is usually the case when such happens at shows.

Seemingly not deterred by the bad sound, Enzo continued with his set. The song that people were waiting for – 50 Magate was sadly performed with bad sound with Kikky BadA$$’s performance being affected. When the sound was eventually fixed as Enzo left the stage, fans expected him to return and re-perform the hits he had performed with bad sound but he never returned.

Other than the sound glitch, the show was oversubscribed such that security details at the gates had a difficult time managing the crowds who kept swelling. Most felt that the event should have been held at a bigger and outdoor venue as Enzo clearly has a huge fan base in the city. Chronicle


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