Friday 23 November 2018


A MAN believed to be from Bulawayo’s Entumbane suburb was shot dead in South Africa in a botched robbery, an incident that was captured on camera.

The incident occurred on Monday at about 10AM while the man – identified only as Crymore – was with accomplices who fled in a getaway Toyota Corolla.

Sources who identified the deceased said he is from Entumbane suburb. However, there has been no one at a house said to be his family home, since Wednesday. 

In a 10 second video that has been widely circulated on social media platforms, Crymore is seen running towards a car which was reversing to fetch him with a gun-wielding man hot on his heels.

Crymore, clutching a small black bag that he is said to have snatched from his pursuer, almost makes it into the getaway car.

The gunman shoots him in the head when he has one foot in the vehicle and his partners in crime speed off, leaving him dead.

The man who allegedly shot Crymore was filmed in two separate videos narrating that he had been robbed by the same gang more than once. 

He said the deceased wanted to steal his “navigators” describing them as very expensive.

“Last year they took it, now they wanted to take it again. I parked my car there, after parking my car I went to the ATM booth then I saw him opening the door. The same thing happened on the 6th of September last year,” narrated the shooter.

“My bag with navigators and a lot of money was stolen. I cried like a baby when they went away in a white Corolla. Today I saw him when he took the bag, so I said to myself last year I didn’t have bullets and I bought them and vowed to myself that this cannot happen again.”

The irate shooter said he had become a serial victim of the same group of people who were stealing from him and he had to take matters into his hands. Chronicle


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