Friday 2 November 2018


Controversial activist Acie Lumumba is threatening to spill more beans on Sunday, barely a week after his exposé ruffled feathers in the corridors of power.

The self-proclaimed corruption buster said he will on Sunday expose the powerful people behind “Queen Bee”, whom many suspect to be oil mogul Kuda Tagwirei of Sakunda Holdings.

“On Sunday, I will expose those behind Queen Bee, but I don’t believe that I name and shame – I only raise issues.

“The reason why I (will) leave (out) names is because I don’t want people to focus on personalities; this country is made of lies, the lies begin at the party level and migrate to government where they are no longer simple lies,” said Lumumba.

Last week, Lumumba made serious allegations that some in the high corridors of power have been captured by Queen Bee.

He alleged that Queen Bee, leads a corrupt cartel that has captured some senior politicians, and named certain directors at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), claiming they were part of a syndicate causing untold suffering in the country.

Consequently, and because of Lumumba’s revelations four directors at the central bank were suspended pending investigations.

Lumumba made the accusations after he was appointed chair of a communications taskforce in the ministry of Finance.

His appointment triggered sharp criticism from inside and outside government, with many questioning Finance minister Mthuli Ncube’s judgment in appointing a person with a chequered history littered with scandals that range from graft to leaked sex tapes.

Three days after he assumed the position, Ncube was pressured into withdrawing Lumumba’s appointment letter.

Asked whether Tagwirei was the real Queen Bee, Lumumba, was non-committal yesterday.
He said: “Kudakwashe is one of the sharpest businessmen I have come across in this country, his business model has outlived most locals, he is a rock star in the business sector but in due course I will expose the real Queen Bee”.

Pressed further to clarify if he was exonerating Tagwirei, he quipped: “I can neither confirm now nor deny it but the public seems to be on the right track”.

Lumumba denied speculation that he was working with war veterans leader and special advisor to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Chris Mutsvangwa, saying he was his own man.

“I am not sure why that would be an allegation; I don’t see why it can only be Chris who can talk about corruption, of course Chris is a person I respect very much but I am doing this for my country,” said Lumumba.

“…The only person I voted for in the presidium is president Mnangagwa and he will have my full support, I will not take instructions from anyone but the man I voted for and what he stands for,” he said, adding that the president was compromised by people around him. Daily News


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