Friday 2 November 2018


Ambitious dancehall singer Jah Signal on Wednesday released his debut album Jaya at Club Sankayi in the capital.

Not the attendance he would have expected at a launch, but according to his camp, it was an “executive” launch and making money was top of the list.

It could be his ambition to dine with the well-to-do in town and probably be in the right path in trying to penetrate the upmarket clientele but judging by Wednesday’s attendance, he still has a lot to do.
He probably knows it and has lined up another launch for the “ghetto yuts” to be held for free in Kuwadzana on Saturday.

“Ghetto yuts” make up the largest percentage of his following and they ought to be catered for. Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive Karikoga Kaseke, who was the guest of honour, opened the auction, purchasing the musician’s CD at $1 000.

Socialite and Club Sankayi owner Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure also chipped in with $1 000, with other businesspeople and music promoters spending $500 for the disc. He was also given a residential stand in Norton and a consignment of bricks.

The chanter was supported by dancehall star Kinnah whom he described as a mentor who has shown him a lot in the industry. Kinnah opened the performances before Jah Signal entertained patrons. Performances were on-point, with Judgement Yard DJs on the decks.

Jah Signal sampled songs from his latest release such as Ndakakumaka, Jaya and Chembere.
He went with his popular choruses’ route, converting them to his dancehall style, making some of them sing alongs such as the song Gomo.

The title track Jaya describes the kind of woman he would marry, saying a woman is more than her behind and looks, appealing to God to lead him to the right woman.

On the album, he worked with veteran sungura musician Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zakaria on the song Unovashungurudza off Madzibaba’s hit Mazano. Daily News


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