Tuesday 20 November 2018


Businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure who spent the weekend in remand prison is now a subject of ridicule on social media.

Famous for his expensive, flashy all-white parties meant for the “who is who”, this time around social media is suggesting he holds an “all-khaki party” in reference to the khaki prison garb.

Several memes have been circulating with another one showing inmates in white garbs with the caption written “ready for the white party”.

Ginimbi was found on the wrong side of the law and is being accused of tax evasion amounting to $3,5 million.

He was denied bail by a Harare magistrate on Friday, sending him to remand prison. Reports coming from the prison are that he facilitated the release of 50 prisoners who were failing to raise various amounts for bail ranging from $20 to $500.

In another jab, people edited a picture of him wearing remand prison garb on a poster advertising his 
“all-khaki party” in remand: “Ginimbi all-khaki party, Harare Central Remand...Trace the money, Trace the fraud.”

Twitter users went on a roll also making fun of Ginimbi, Bukhosi Buks Mhlanga‏@TheEntreprenew wrote: “First @mmawere announces you’re a bad debtor, twitter suspends your @ginimbi account, you are in a car accident and days later get arrested for 22mil tax evasion, bail is denied and the country mocks you! All in 6months! @GeniusKadungure my guy mudzimu wakurasha.”
Lashias Ncube @lashiasn said: “Nah, Ginimbi is just auditioning for a prison reality show. My guy will be back home on Monday.”

Others were, however, concerned that they were going to miss his live Instragram videos famous for 
his; “My life your TV”.

Ginimbi has been hosting all-white parties around the world and in Zimbabwe.
He owns several top-of-the-range luxury vehicles which he is planning to offer for hire. Daily News


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