Sunday 9 September 2018


Some Zanu PF heavyweights left out of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new Cabinet yesterday said they had accepted their fate and were not bitter.

Former Energy minister Simon Khaya Moyo said he accepted Mnangagwa’s decision, adding the president did a “marvellous job”.

“I have never heard of a permanent Cabinet in any part of the world,” he said.

“The president has the prerogative as mandated by the constitution and I believe he did a marvellous job.”

Khaya Moyo, who survived several ouster plots during former president Robert Mugabe’s rule, said Mnangagwa’s new ministers needed everyone’s support.

The veteran politician survived a Cabinet reshuffle last year after Mnangagwa took over from Mugabe following a coup.

A few days before Mugabe was toppled, Khaya Moyo had announced Mnangagwa’s expulsion from government.

However, the new president went on to appoint him Energy minister and he also acted as Information minister.

Former Health and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa said he was considering his options, which could include going back into private practice.

“I have done my best, the best of my passion, remember I am a trained medical doctor so for now, I will take a break and consider many options available,” he said.

“I really support what the president has done and I look forward to support his team.

“I have trust in Dr [Obadiah] Moyo [his successor] and other ministers. But for me, I am happy and I did all I could do.

“I will consider going back into practice as a member doctor or many other options, but I really support the president’s vision to move the country forward.”

Ex-Home affairs minister Obert Mpofu said Mnangagwa did well by renewing his Cabinet.

“Some of us have been in government for 23 years. It was high time for some of us to leave for young and energetic leaders,” he said.

“It is a programme of Zanu PF, which is not meant to disadvantage anyone. I am happy with the move.”

“I went to the Senate and I am the party’s secretary for administration, what more do I want?

“I am appealing to all my comrades to support the president in his quest to renew the party and government.

“I am excited about it and think this is the way to go. We have done our best, it’s high time we provided space to the president to renew the party and government.”

Former ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira said he was grateful to Mnangagwa for having given him the opportunity to serve under him.

“We all are all called to serve at different times and my time came. I am happy to say I gave the job my all. I served loyally and diligently,” he said.

“Now that I am not in Cabinet, it is an opportunity to continue to serve from a different platform.

“I will continue to serve the president and my party from Parliament and the private sector, which I am planning to re-join.”

Mandiwanzira said the president had managed to strike a good balance in his selection.

“On the Cabinet, I believe it’s a very solid team that will deliver for the country,” he said.

“It’s got a lot of freshness and good flavour. Its optics is good for the country domestically and internationally.

“The Cabinet needs the support of every Zimbabwean in order for it to deliver the aspirations of the nation, which have been well articulated by the president on many occasions.

“So let’s rally behind the president and the Cabinet by all of us focusing on production and working with each other.”

However, former Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa refused to comment on his removal.

“I cannot comment on those issues, you know it. If I want to talk about it some other time, I will publish a book,” he said.

Academic Mthuli Ncube, who was appointed Finance minister, and Olympic swimmer Kirsty Coventry (Art, Sport and Recreation) were some of the new additions to the Cabinet that stand out. Standard


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