Tuesday 28 August 2018


PRESIDENT Mnangagwa’s inauguration on Sunday has ignited optimism among the people of Manicaland who expect a quick economic turnaround premised on his new Government’s progressive and democratic policies.

Captains of industry said President Mnangagwa had on many occasions clearly spelt out his commitment to turning around the fortunes of the country, which is a good recipe for economic revival.

Manicaland Chamber of Small to Medium Enterprises board chairman Mr Moses Magura said he had high expectations.

He said he expected the economy to start growing along with a speedy revival of industries.

“People of Zimbabwe ought to put aside their political differences and join hands with President Mnangagwa and work towards growth of the economy,” he                                                                         said.

Mr Magura said the country was endowed with vast human and natural resources that would turn around the economy if properly utilised.

“Zimbabwe has intelligent people from different political backgrounds who are capable of changing the economy as long as they make collaborative efforts,” he said.

“We are expecting the President and his Government to work with all people of Zimbabwe and ensure they have access to finances for SMEs and also create a desk to deal with all issues concerning SMEs.”

Trade development committee chairman for the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) Mr Henry Nemaire said he was confident of the new dispensation’s potential.

“With the mantra ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ there will be liberal marketing and growth of the country’s economy,” he said. “In the business sector we are expecting the Government to give us full attention and support our businesses.

“As an organisation we want the Second Republic to improve infrastructure like roads, schools and hospitals, to mention a few.

“We also expect Government to promote policies that help reduce production costs which affect our business, for instance, electricity charges that are highly unfavourable to business at the moment and reduce farming input prices and taxes.”

Political analyst Mr Timothy Pemba said President Mnangagwa would lead the country with the support of development partners.

He called for the removal of all forms of sanctions against Zimbabwe from the international community.

“Zimbabweans should use this as an opportunity to boost democracy and progress,” said Mr Pemba. “Motivated by the country’s peaceful situation, we must unite to achieve economic growth.”

An analyst who refused to be named said the President’s inauguration as the second Executive President of Zimbabwe demonstrated the country’s maturing democracy and dismissed talk of political polarisation in some quarters as baseless.

“To do away with some of the problems Zimbabwe is facing now we have to put the past behind us and uphold President Mnangagwa’s vision of economic growth, industrialisation and job creation,” he said. Herald


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