Saturday 16 June 2018


The Zanu PF Masvingo provincial chairwoman Aligirnia Samson made startling revelations that her party can do without the Mashonaland vote as long as Midlands, Matebelaland and Manicaland rally behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Samson said they were tired of having affairs in the ruling party centralised to Mashonaland provinces while other provinces had to play second fiddle.
She said Masvingo now has a major stake in the ruling party affairs with President Mnangagwa being from the province. 

Addressing hundreds of supporters at Batanai in Ward 27, Samson said Masvingo province is now governing Zimbabwe and people in Masvingo should go in their numbers to vote for their son, Emmerson Mnangagwa, as they had been tired of voting for people from Mashonaland only.

"There is no need for someone to tell you who you are going to vote for. We all know we are going to vote for our only son Emmerson Mnangagwa who comes from our province in Chivi district there. 

"For the past years we have been suffering a lot while voting for Mashonaland guys where our former president came from. 

"We should only be worried of whether Midlands, Matabeleland and Manicaland are going to support us," said Samson. 

Samson said Masvingo, despite being the oldest city in the country, has seen little or no meaningful development over the years because the people in Mashonaland looked after themselves.
"Now is our time and we are going to see meaningful developments if we vote for President Mnangagwa. People in Mashonaland may feel side lined but it's now time for Masvingo to shine.
"Even if Mashonaland chooses not to vote for people outside their province as they used to enjoy with Mugabe, Zanu PF will win resoundingly with other provinces," said Samson. Tell Zimbabwe


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