Saturday 16 June 2018


AN aspiring independent MP for Masvingo Urban, Michael Taderera, who stood in the Zanu PF primaries but lost, became the butt of jokes on Thursday after he asked his rival and fellow party member Bernard Mazarire to lend him $50 nomination fees.

Taderera begged Mazarire at the nomination court at Masvingo Magistrates’ Court mid-morning after failing to raise the fees in front of journalists.

“My brother, I know I’m contesting against you, but can you help me raise $50 nomination fees,” he said, bringing a group of journalists present into a bout of laughter.

Mazarire, a successful businessman and retired army major replied: “I don’t have,” further bringing members of the Press into uncontrollable laughter.

Taderera made a last-minute attempt and raised the money at the 11th hour and successfully filed his papers as an independent candidate.

Asked later if he was a serious candidate, Taderera said he was genuine, but he did not have money.
“These are the challenges that I face. I don’t have the money. I, however, managed to raise the fees. But I am a serious contender,” he said.

He is not the only one who failed to raise nomination fees.
Several independent presidential aspirants did not file their nomination papers after failing to raise the required $1 000 fees.

This whittled down the number of presidential candidates to 23 after initially more than 120, including briefcase parties, had indicated interest in participating. Newsday


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