Wednesday 22 November 2017


The Herald yesterday spoke to a cross section of people on their aspirations and expectations of President-designate Emmerson Mnangagwa. 

These are their views: Tineyi Makumbirofa (23) of Marlborough in Harare said: “I hope that the new President will assist us on employment matters and reconstruction of roads. We want employment. Reconstruction of industries to create more employment. Youths are suffering because of lack of employment. We want to be recognised. We want to be included in national building policies, we do not want to be left out.

Clive Muzhona (20) of Budiriro 5 said: “The President must help in stopping corruption. He must also facilitate that youths get scholarships to help us advance with our education as it is now difficult for us to proceed with our education due to the economic hardships. We also expect the President to relax some of the economic policies so as to lure investors, thereby creating employment.

Lynnmarry Shatei (19) of Chitungwiza: “I would like the incoming President to be God fearing and lead the nation with wisdom. He should make provisions for the welfare of street children and help them get an education. We would like every child to attend school and acquire education. He must lead the nation with the help from God.

Walter Remba (67) Marirangwe, Beatrice: “I want an inclusive Government where the President will treat everyone fairly with regard to distribution of national resources. Resource distribution must not be based on political party affiliation. I also expect the new President and Government to create employment for our youths.

Patrick Johnson (51) of Sunningdale, Harare: “The new President must serve the people not the people to serve him. We want equal opportunities in Zimbabwe. We expect the banks to start dispensing cash. We want decent jobs. In fact, the whole infrastructure should be revamped. We just want a better Zimbabwe and we expect him to make it happen.”
Nasper Manyawu (43) Glen Norah: “We would like to see the inclusivity of people with disabilities in mainstream Government programmes and in decision making positions. In the new Zimbabwe, we don’t want people living with disabilities to be confined to informal sectors and be reduced to beggars. Disabled people should be Government’s responsibility.”
Locadia Muchinga (29) Budiriro: “Before any major steps are taken in the creation of a new Government, we want all the relevant authorities to first consult with the people as to what they expect from them because they are the ones who marched in solidarity.

“We want all the political leaders from different political groups to come together and bring their different ideas on the table. They must work together in building a new vibrant Zimbabwe with better health and education systems.”

Tinashe Zhakata (25) Marlborough: “We want our country to be the breadbasket of Africa as it was before and we should be able to achieve a $100 billion economy in the next five years. The incoming Government should review policies in line with investors and their security. Zimbabwe should attract investors from around the world and create employment in our country.” Herald


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