Wednesday 22 November 2017


Zanu-PF Midlands Province has said it is willing to salvage some of its members who had strayed, as purging people was retrogressive to development, peace and unity, which are key principles of the revolutionary party. 

In an interview, Zanu-PF Midlands provincial spokesperson Cde Cornelius Mupereri said the party had rid itself of elements bent on destroying the party by turning members against each other. Cde Mupereri said the province was willing to reintegrate those that were being used by the G40 cabal so that they repented and reconciled with other members.
“Zanu-PF is a revolutionary party and has maintained an open door policy,” he said. “We are willing to salvage those that want to work with us and those that remain adamant we cannot force them. Politics is a game of numbers and we want everyone to be Zanu-PF. For those that had strayed and fanning divisions, we are going to look at their matters individually and take appropriate measures that suit their transgressions.

“However, we are not going to purge people, but embrace everyone with whom we share the same ideology, objectives and principles.”

Cde Mupereri said this at a time when members from the province believed to have been working in cahoots with the G40 cabal were clandestinely approaching the provincial members to be reintegrated into the party.

Kwekwe Central Member of Parliament Cde Masango Matambanadzo, who was a leading G40 member in the province, has reportedly gone into hibernation. Cde Mupereri said those that were too extreme and were unrepentant will not be reintegrated into the party. He said the party was not going to be vindictive. herald


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