Saturday 4 November 2017


0205: President Mugabe now takes to the podium to make his address.
0208: “We are here in Bulawayo to make sure that what we do today will encourage people in Bulawayo to vote for the party. This is the second city to Harare and we can’t afford to be losing it. But what i did not expect, which i had a bit of information about, is that some people had sent some persons to boo the first lady. She speaks her mind. We cannot keep quiet. We know in Masvingo there are people who claim the province does not belong to President Mugabe but to Mnangagwa. The same is happening in Midlands”

0211: “We cannot have what is happening in Masvingo and Midlands where we are told these provinces are not President Mugabe’s but they belong to VP Mnangagwa. I am told off daily in the name of Mnangagwa, did I make a mistake in appointing him as Vp?”

0212: “If I made a mistake by appointing Mnangagwa, tell me. I will remove him now. We are not afraid of anyone. We can decide even here. I will stand in front and have him do the same, those who want to be with me, join me and those who want to be with Mnangagwa go to him.”

0213: “Today when we have reached the tail end of the interface we get all this nonsense. I don’t like this.”

0214: “So to the people in Masvingo with their attitude, you can go ahead and form your party because we honestly cannot have this. We cannot be insulted on a daily basis.”
0217: President Mugabe instructs that party cars which were meant to be delivered in the provinces are to be handed over before the end of the month.


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