Saturday 4 November 2017


0134: Dr Mugabe thanks Cde Chipanga for organising the interface rallies and emphasised that the party has one centre of power.

0135: “It is worrying that the industries are closed because our youths need to feed their families.”
0137: “I would like to talk about Professor Jonathan Moyo. It was said he has a number of crimes, President Mugabe set up a committee to investigate him, the committee had the findings and instructed Dr Chombo to write a letter to ZACC on the matter.”
0138: “This letter was meant to state how this money was used. If Jonathan has a crime let the courts decide that.”
0139: “Please don’t use your positions to fight your wars. I am the First Lady I have never used my position to gain unfair advantage.”
0140: Ama Mugabe says she is aware that some elements were paid money to boo her as she speaks and she doesn’t care if they are to do that. “I don’t care whether you boo me or you were paid to boo me but I will say it as it is even if you bring soldiers with guns I will say the same thing.”
0143: “Stop it whatever you are doing. There were demonstrations to fire Kasukuwere but President Mugabe saw that there was no crime. He is not going anywhere.”
0145: First Lady Amai Mugabe says Vice President Mnangagwa is the root cause of factionalism and it’s high time he is taken to a disciplinary hearing. ”I am leading the calls. So many people have been fired,” she says
0147: “The constitution was changed from requiring one of the VPs to be a female when Joice Mujuru left and we put VP Mnangagwa, now we want our position back.”
0150: “I want to teach the youths to be business minded and make money. I will tell you that when I was elected as the Secretary for women affairs there was just $49 in the account but now we have over $200 000  and next year we will have over $1 million in our account.”
0151: She winds her speech by saying: “Bulawayo, those with ears have heard. The stubborn ones must remain so at their own peril. We have one leader who is the centre of power.
0200: Cde Chipanga invites President Mugabe to give his address.


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