Friday 1 September 2017


ZODWA Wabantu is baying for actress, Anne Nhira’s blood after she convinced the Zimbabwean government to bar her from performing at the Harare International Carnival which kicks off today.

Zodwa, an entertainer famed for openly stating that she dislikes wearing underwear and her Vosho leg game dance moves, said Nhira needed to respect her, especially considering that she was no saint herself.

Nhira had written to several ministries pleading with them to bar Zodwa from performing at the carnival because of her “indecent” dressing. She also made it clear that the lump sum being used to pay Zodwa could be used to pay other talented dancers like Bev.

Speaking in an interview during the Capitalk Drive show on Wednesday, Zodwa said Nhira needed to know that she had been invited to fulfil the international part of the carnival.

“I’ve seen Anne’s letter where she’s saying I shouldn’t come to the carnival because I dress too revealing and that I’m not a Zimbabwean. I want to respond to her saying the invite is not about being Zimbabwean. It’s about me being invited to push tourism through dance, music and just having fun so people tolerate each other because we’re all different.”

She urged government to consider lifting the ban because they had no evidence that she does not wear underwear and if not addressed, the issue could cause a rift between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

“With this thing, we’re going to end up fighting and having headaches as there’re now mixed feelings between Zimbabweans and South Africans yet we were now united.
“I’m Zodwa, an entertainer. Whatever I do is for entertainment. How do they know if I wear a panty or not? I was asked if I wear a panty and I said I don’t.
If you’re saying you’re not going to have me at the carnival, how are you going to see that I don’t wear a panty because a panty is under my dress. Whether I’m wearing it or not, how are you going to prove it?”

“It’s a bad move and I hope the government there rethinks it. I want to advise them that I’m not coming there for the money as I’m fully booked all over the world, but to entertain people there and push tourism. If you don’t allow me into Zimbabwe, look at the message you’d have sent out there. This will put fear in others from South Africa as they’ll think that they’re not wanted there, killing tourism.”

She further questioned why government had entertained a complaint from a person who does not reside in the country and is actually based in South Africa, looking for greener pastures.

“How can government listen to one s***** lady who’s not in Zimbabwe, but resides in South Africa where she’s trying to make a better life for herself?

“Brazilians dress worse than me but the carnival is all about bringing countries together.”
To Anne, Zodwa said she needed to get to know her first before judging her.

“Who the h*** is Anne to tell me where I must not go or who I shouldn’t interact with. She needs to hear me talk, feel my mind and she’ll definitely be surprised. We’ve so many issues as women and I’m here to stand up for them.”

“Anne is fake, wears fake hair, fake makeup and fake nails, everything about her is fake. She says on her social media pages, she’s a slay queen, but we don’t need queens but real people like Zodwa.

“Her life is not real, it’s fake so I don’t support her since she’s not supporting me. Women are jealous of one another and it’s sad.”

Questioned if she was going ahead with her trip to Harare, Zodwa said she was confused as she is getting mixed signals concerning her Harare performance. Other than the carnival appearance during the street party on September 9, Zodwa is meant to perform at the Private Lounge on September 8.

“Yesterday, the people responsible for my Harare booking called asking me to send my passport details in order for them to book my flight to Harare.

Today they responded via email telling me that my performance there is still on. It’s the social media stuff and newspaper articles that government has banned me from performing there that’s confusing me,” said Zodwa.

Earlier yesterday, she however, sent a poster detailing her performance at Private Lounge as if to confirm her appearance there. Chronicle


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