Tuesday 26 September 2017


THE story of a 14-year-old Bulawayo pupil who allegedly committed suicide on Thursday, has taken a new turn following the discovery of a suicide note, supposedly written by a troubled ‘close’ friend, among the girl’s possessions.

Nomakhwezi Mzaca Nkomo, a Form Two pupil at Townsend Girls’ High School in Bulawayo, allegedly used her younger brother’s belt to hang herself on a screen door at their Sunninghill house in the city on Thursday night.

The note was allegedly written by a school friend (name withheld for ethical reasons) who threatened to kill herself yesterday.

“I’m sorry mummy for being rude sometimes. It’s because I feel you don’t care about me and you only love **** (name withheld),” read the note.
“I’m sorry for this decision but I’m going to drink poison on the 25th…” continued the bizarre note.

Nomakhwezi’s parents came across the note as they went through her books.
Mr April Nkomo, Nomakhwezi’s father, said he would take it to Townsend High School so that teachers could assist the pupil who wrote it.

“I feel if this child is assisted, it could also unravel the mystery behind my daughter’s death,” he said.
Sources at Townsend Girls High School yesterday said pupils in Nomakhwezi’s class might need counselling as they all seem to have been affected by the death of a classmate last term.

Childline Zimbabwe yesterday said it was keen to establish the identity of the pupil who wrote the note and help her as she could be experiencing ill-treatment at home.
Bulawayo Provincial Education Director Mrs Olicah Khaira said suicide was becoming a worrying trend among school going youths.

“We are worried about this growing trend of children resorting to ending their lives when facing various challenges in life,” said Mrs Khaira.

She advised pupils and parents to make use of guidance and counselling officers that are available at every school.

“It is with a sad heart that we send our deepest condolences to the family. We have lost one of our learners in a very tragic manner and her classmates will need lots of counselling and psycho social support from their teachers and other structures at the school that cater for the psychological wellbeing of the pupils,” said Mrs Khaira.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango advised the public to seek assistance and refrain from choosing to end their lives when facing difficulties.

Nomakhwezi’s mother, Mrs Mendo Nkomo, had told her to polish her school shoes and do her homework before watching television soap opera, Generations.  Her younger brother is said to have been the first to see the body, around 9PM.

Mrs Nkomo said she did not shout at her daughter but just told her to make sure her school stuff was sorted before she could watch television. She was rushed to United Bulawayo Hospitals where she was pronounced dead after doctors failed to resuscitate her. Nomakhwezi was buried at West Park Cemetery on Saturday.

Meanwhile, local family counselling organisations have pledged to assist Nomakhwezi’s family. Contact Family Counselling Services has said they will take the family through counselling sessions to help them get over the sudden and tragic loss of their child. Chronicle


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