Saturday 18 July 2015


The Zanu PF Manicaland provincial youth executive has passed a vote of no confidence against three provincial executive members accused of fuelling divisions, factionalism and bringing the name of the First Lady into disrepute.

The provincial youth league has also recommended the recalling of Deputy National Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Kudzai Chipanga for allegedly fronting the trio in causing divisions and factionalism.

Twenty-five Zanu PF Manicaland provincial youth executive members passed a vote of no confidence against Cde Mbuso Chinguno former deputy provincial chairperson, Cde Victor Saunyama former provincial secretary for administration and Cde Rinashe Chinamasa who was secretary for security.

The provincial youth league political commissar Cde Washington Zihwihwi  made the announcement in Mutare.

He said the trio were fuelling divisions and promoting factionalism in the province while at the same time bringing the name of the First Lady into disrepute.

He said the youth league could not allow the rot to continue and party programmes to suffer at the expense of individuals advancing their own personal interests.

Cde Zihwihwi said the gross misconduct of the trio has forced the provincial chairperson Cde Kelvin Manyengavana to resign due to frustrations.

Meanwhile, Cde Getrude Mutandi is the acting provincial youth chairperson.

Other positions are yet to be filled.


How is it possible to bring the name of a cheating pool typist into disrepute?

It's not...however we are talking about THUGS.

Nyika yamaichemera inga yaita mamvemveee

The fundamental problem of ZANU PF Youth League is its lacks vigour and assertiveness. It is continuously susceptible to abuse by the bigwigs within the Party.

Indeed,you are witnessing the demise of Zanu pf and the clowns now running the party.Spot on.

Give it up man!Zanu pf is now a family business.Everyone is now a bootlicker to the President and his wife.

They are just a youth league in name. All they do is rubber-stamp decisions made elsewhere. They are not original, innovative or revolutionary if I can say. Their main purpose is being used as a tool to harass innocent civilians and opposition members.

Thugs nothing but retarded thugs..Mugabe arsekissing thugs

I totally agree Mart. It is a shame!!!

It is really sad Guranyanga!!!

Vamwe vanhu kuti vazive kuti musangano wapera ndokunge Matibili afa. Vanhu pepukai kusupoter zanu ndoohurombe kunyanya iwe

ZANU PF is not an individual Sir; it is an institution. The fact that there are people personalising it does not mean the demise of the Party.

Putting grace's name into disrepute kikikikiki.

Right now we can safely say Zanu is an individual since dzasukwa makes all decisions.An institution should be able to function outside individuals but Zanu is functionless without matibili.

As if Zimbabweans are there to serve "Doctor Amai" meu Deus!

Surely beats me. I think it's now a figure of speech. Someone steps on your foot mubhawa and you say"what are you doing? You want to bring the name of the First Lady into disrepute? Then chototsva!!!!

Latest ZPF fashion or in thing - "Vote of no confidence" for fanning factionalism and bringing the name of so and so into disrepute

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