Saturday 18 July 2015


Absentee leader President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace have arrived in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

 They are attending an international conference on Africa's fight against Ebola as well as tying up private family deals. 

President Mugabe and his army of hangers on were met at Malabo International Airport by his counterpart Equatorial Guinea President Teodore Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and First Lady Constancia Mangue Nsue De Obiang.

The conference will commence on Monday and end on Tuesday. The two-day conference is aimed at strengthening the continent’s fight against the dreaded Ebola virus.

Running under the theme: 'Africa Helping Africans in the Ebola Recovery and Reconstruction', the conference will be attended by a number of African heads of state as well as various ministers of health.

A global policy to combat Ebola is expected to be crafted during the conference.


Zimbabwe haina mutungamiri varume. Pashaya munhu anongoti mudhara musadzoke or kungomusiya ikoko!!

Seriously, Ambivalence visiting an African country? Red flag. This is a disguised visit penned as an official visit yet the Dzasukwa family are trying to paddle their Zim unpopular Alpha Omega dairy products.
Wish Dr. Fugu would not wear those pyjamas in public.

Mboko must be feeling important. Running the country solo. But maybe he us taking dictation from Bona.

Exactly she is looking for new markets for her ice cream, yogurts and soon chocolates.

'Wish Dr. Fugu would not wear those pyjamas in public.' Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. You are very provocative! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

On the photo captions:
Mrs. Mbasongo: Kikikiki.Ko kamudhara kurikutsvageyi kuno?
Teodoro: Ay Caramba Dr ava vane magaro akanaka.

Chokwadi zvavo vamwe vanongoswero dzikatamisa ndege! Ko kutyei iyo nyika makatora?

It is deplorable that Zimbabwe is now the 2nd poorest country in the world with a tiny political and well connected elite enjoying the flamboyant life. It may be true that economically the country is not doing well but that doesn't mean throwing the baby with the bath water. If only our leaders could invest the little we have into the economy surely some greenshoots could emerge in some parts of the economy. The president is using a lot of millions in travel which is inconsivable considering the malnourished budget being milked.

There is a very bad mentality embedded in our people that government money can be wasted. If someone is driving a car wrecklessly one will likely say ' ahhh ndeye murumende kaiyi ' which is really bad.if money is wasted in government not many will cry out as people just think it's nothing to be worried about. People in government should learn to save public finances so as to realise better output for the populace.

Evil women and their evil husbands

Why he doesn't want to retire. Greedy Zimbabweans made him the way he is . Grace like butter on a pumpkin

Sour milk....foot and mouth...Dangerous pair..if you get my drift. .

Conference starts on Monday, but Friday munhu atosvika. Kumba kwako kunovava kugara here?

You have just stated, what we all have been saying for the last 35 years...Mugabe and his thugs are thieving Bastards. .bottom line.

Manje manje aive ku UN conference on Ebola futi gosh.

I agree with every word you have said here. Problem is there are some on this very forum who will kill if you so much as continue pointing out the obvious. Uchanzwa tukirwe yauchaitwa ipapa for voicing the truth and offering real worthwhile contributions!

Ana zambia zvavo vanofirwa nema president kedu kama Tibilz kachirarama

Vangatyei zvano mumvana!

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