Sunday 22 February 2015


An American think tank says the West has abandoned Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) founding president Morgan Tsvangirai following a dismal performance in the unity government and the 2013 national elections.

In an interview, senior policy analyst Marion Tupy of the Washington-based Cato Institute for Global Liberty and Prosperity said Tsvangirai the West bet on a wrong horse and it’s now time for Zimbabweans to look for an alternative opposition leader.

“It was the expectation that after four or five years in a power sharing government the MDC will be rewarded for good governance and for the improvements that Zimbabwe has accomplished.

“… But the MDC ministers and Tsvangirai himself turned out be less impressive than people hoped, certainly Tsvangirai’s life and failings and it turned out that Mugabe and his Zanu still enjoy quite a bit of support within the Zimbabwean electorate.”

It was a mistake for the MDC to go into the unity government as they did not achieve their goal since they were outmaneuvered by President Robert Mugabe.

As a result, Tupy said Tsvangirai appears to have now run out of steam and the West has dumped him though the initial support was not based on regime change and grabbing Zimbabwe’s wealth.

“It’s true that the West has abandoned Morgan Tsvangirai its very sad but it’s very true. It’s like putting your money on a horse in a race hoping that he wins and then if he fails you may do it a couple of times but ultimately you decide that that person was not worth the investment,” said.

Tsvangirai’s spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka and MDC-T spokesman Obert Gutu were not reachable for comment on their mobile phones as they were not responding to calls. voa


The trouble is greediness. You thought you won and never needed the backing. ZIVA KWAWABVA KWAUNOENDA HUSIKU.

Kwanziiko na Tsvangson wenyoro.

Morgan Richard Tsvangirai is politically finished and interred! There is no iota of hope for resurrection!

okay, maybe, maybe not lets see

Well if people think 2013 was bad for MDC wait for 2018.

Tsvangson apera kunge hondo ye miseve!

Tsvangirai you gave it a feet , that's applausable. The curve has been going up but now is going downhill too bad. Save your organization by handing over the button, show difference. Give others a chance my homeboy, please !

zvanzi ndinoda vote yako muna 2018

Why telling us about this today this is old story we want to know about the water and electricity crisis in Zimbabwe. Murikuda kudzima moto nezita ra Morgen Imi makati munozvigona mapapi

Trying to avoid the truth isn't it supporter

Lol @ these comments. U really believe Tsvangirai is finished? Even Zanu pf knows he's not

What is that in his hand? Has here sorted to weed ? The headache of politics maybe.

It's just a pen, cde. Don't see marijuana where none exists.

The reason the zanoids are fascinated and scared sh!tless of Tsvangirai is that we keep voting for him and they keep stealing those votes (at times the entire election is stolen) so at the end of the day the centre can not hold and you have a murky political environment and economic collapse.

West dumped him, after his dumping by Zimbabweans??? The West are looking for another stoogie??? Welcome home Tsvangson.....

Tsvangirai is not finished simply because Zanu love him! They have out manoeuvred, out thought him for over 10 years now so why would they want him out!
He is the biggest asset zanu have in the opposition movements because he is intellectually challenged!
They have him wife, a house and a pension!

I strongly believe that Tsvangirai's inability to dislodge Zpf over the years has nothing to do with the man himself as a person being finished or otherwise., but rather a reflection of the sad truth about Zimbabwean politics which lies in the fact that no peaceful or democratic means can be successful in dislodging the undemocratic Zpf from power. And I can assure you, as long as a Zimbabwean gets his paltry $100 at the end of every month.., or sometimes 2 months.., a Zimbabwean will never take any decisive step.., except of course fleeing the country., and keep accusing Zpf of being tyrannical., and Tsvangison of being finished.

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