Thursday 5 February 2015


Presidential spokesman Mr George Charamba said President Mugabe arrived at his Munhumutapa Offices at 0930 hours to chair Cabinet.
”Today, as he got off his car,” Mr Charamba said, ”I snatched a short conversation with him at the foyer of the Munhumutapa Building:
”’Are you okay, Cde President?”
”’Why?” (light-heartedly).
”’After yesterday’s incident?”’
”’I am okay; it was just a slip”’, Mr Charamba quoted the President as saying.


Mugabe why are doing this to yourself. You should be ageing gracefully as a retired president. Incidents like falls would be drawing sympathy not ridicule, fun or comedy if you were retired. Go and rest it's embarrassing now.

Murume uyu ane nharo achafa akatariswa necamera. I dont know any other 91 year old who works full time. Holy grief!

front foot right pamberi periri kumashure.....munhu odonha moti hanzi zviwanavanhu

The other faces in the picture tell a million stories, everyone of them (besides Charamba) is looking downwards in embarrassment.

I think the people around him like the Charambas and Grace Goreraza-Marufu are cruel to let a 91 year continue like this. Even the African Union cannot be spare by giving a 91 year more responsibilities. Shame on you SADC ........pashaya wo ano mupa advice kuti chizororai vakuru

I think the people around him like the Charambas and Grace Goreraza-Marufu are cruel to let a 91 year old continue like this. Even the African Union cannot be spared by giving a 91 year old more responsibilities. Shame on you SADC ........pashaya wo ano mupa advice kuti chizororai vakuru

9 out of 10 full time yacho, kanenge kaka bhleya,

Looking worse than yesterday. Try as you might Charamba? Mugabe is 91 years, HE IS OLD. And old people get weaker with age and often fall. No fault of Mugabe it's just human nature and uou can't fight it. Just accept it. Don't be ridiculous

mugabe is increasingly looking like mahoso

Charamba fire all those idiots calling themselves bodyguards. vakatotarisa zvavo pasi nowonder y they couldnt help mudhara nezuro. havazive basa, hakusi kungofamba chete nxaa

Dai achinja size dzemabhachi. Ko, zvaanenge akurisa wani! I would rather be farming in Dotito.

You remember, that is what exactly happened to Kamuzu Banda at the NAM summit in Harare in the late 80s. His fall at the Sheraton Hotel was a precursor to his removal from power.

While I am sorry for President Mugabe my worry is in having ministers like Jonathan Moyo. Moyo is shameless and takes Zimbabweans for fools. Every time he plays cleverest and Mr know it all. To say the least , he is an enemy of himself . In the manner he presents himself, he maybe called professor but he is dull and uneducated.

In the first pic he appears not to revognise Charamba ...'ndiCharamba upi uyu?'

Varikumutambudzirei Mudara uyu? Body language shows kuti he is tired of the whole shebang, he wants out! Aneta but the greedy pigs just want one last mouthful from the trough before all falls apart. To think his legacy would have been impeccable if only.......sigh!

He is not working.
He is spending the people's much as he can..he killed ZIMBABWE.

Itai sendi sendi mubatsire kule

Anoti 'uri mwana wekwa ani? '

Chinguri takabvira kunyeperwa nema profit.

Dr Negande, mabaya dede nemukanwa. He does not recognise Charamba, he is asking exactly that!

Looj closely at the first and last pics, mudhara ave hari yofanzirofa. Ngaazorore mhani. Dzimwe face kutarisa pasi ngekunyara. Jonathan Moyo get real!

The old man is not okay. A casual look at the last pic reveals that he appears not to even remember Charamba. Pain is written all over his face. He looks like somebody who has been forced to perform a ritual he does not believe in.

he looks so frail and tired, shame old man go home to rest

Yadzimba miviri manje. Hazvichanakidzi kana kutarisa!

They all revere him for sure, kutotarisa pasi sezvinonzi Mwari varikupfuura. These men are all ball-less for sure

Looks like this time around the guys were ready to catch him before he touches the ground! Watch the last pic

Exactly why Matibili chooses to surround himself with idiots. These jokers have no life beyond Matibili.

what a strong man. Please the almighty keep our president stronger and stronger. We love you Gushungo.

I u really love him u would let him rest

I can prophesy that the man speaking in this video as a profit is a liar. In the Old Testament prophecy was an office with an incumbent, that is there was a individual in a specific time who was a prophet who proclaimed God's word to His people. In the New Testament Jesus Christ fulfilled that office and prophecy became an anointing. No one specific person held that office but that the anointing of prophecy was now poured upon all flesh. If you have only one person proclaiming that he is a prophet then he is a liar. The bible says prophecy must have a time frame, ie. it should have a proper time that an event will happen, like "by this time next year", then prophecy must be confirmed, ie when one stands up to prophecy, another must stand up in another congregation and say exactly the same prophecy and confirm that same date, third prophecy must come to pass. These profits have been prophesying Bob's death since the 90's. In 1998 one profit stood up and said the man does not have six months to live, in 2013 one Kenyan profit stood up and said Bob was going to collapse soon after the erections and Morgisto was going to take over. So when in a church only one man calls himself a prophet, then he is lying. In a church, the spirit or anointing of prophecy should fall upon any member of the church as and when the Holy Spirit directs. The prophecy must be specific, have a time frame, must be confirmed and must come to pass. This profit is saying something is going to pass sometime between 2015 and 2017, he thinks we are fools. Of course Bob is now an old man and can die anytime. God bless you all.

Ngaatuke Didymus futi uone kuti anogemuka sei.

Asi for shuwa,where is Arthur nhayi??

If he rest then I will not hear him speak those great speeches, with passion,the strength in saying the truth in front of the warmongers. Kundisimbisa kuti ndide nyika yangu. Kuti ndizazodududze under what circumstances. We must see and hear him on public forums, on TVs on radios etc. ndiko kuti VaMugabe. Kanhu kanonzi kamuromo kakachekwa kanoparira. Unomuvengerei. kumuvengera kuti apirei vanhu minda.kkkkkk Usadaro mhani.

Hazvina basa zvese izvi. Kuzvida kana kusazvida ndiye President weAfrica. Achabva nekuda kwake kwete kwenyu. ZvimaPresident zvamunovhotera zvinoramba zvingodyiwa chete. Iyezvino hatichaziva kuti mombe dzavarikupfudza varikudzichengeta zvakanaka here kana kuti varikurobwa futi kumombe ikoko.kkkk

Too bad for u manje zvaave kufa hu is going to inspire u? I am still to meet a nobody hu benefited from your land reform

kkkk unogona kutomutangira kufa iwewe uchimusiya. Wangani vana vadiki vafa nhasi iye arimupenyu. Ukanyanya kumuvenga Mwari vanokutora kuti mhoswa dzako dzisawande. saka chenjera kutaura zvisina basa.akakuudza kuti mangwana unomuka urimupenyu ndiyani? Kana auction yefodya yatanga go and see who is bringing tobacco there?

Rabichi!! Kufa kwangu daznt help anyone but kwake daz!

The Mugabe family, I mean her children, sister and we'll meaning relatives not the ones only after self interests, should counsel him. If they love him they would allow him or convince him to rest. The fall is a sad chapter and it can happen to anyone. Just that in his case it is conveying that the body is tired. Vana Bona batsiraiwo please. Munoona sei?

Jonathan is selfish. Why lie about kudonha? Something like that happens to people at times, but for him to seek glory out of a mere accident is cruel. Does he realise that he has caused a lot of the backlash because of his shameless comments. This shows what type of person he really is. He is mean spirited, not sincere and heartless. Very sad indeed.

You are an empty headed fanatic who needs brain surgery. Anyone with at least half the normal brain wouldn't buy Matibili's recycled rhetoric. If anything Matibili makes us patriotic Zimbabweans cringe. He's the worst thing ever to happen to Zimbabwe and Africa at large.

Aah, sorry i can't help it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

hahahahahaaa, mandiuraya

Shame! the champion of black consciousness, is frail and tired.

Eish why trouble an old man to lead SADCC and AU and be a President of Zim. No doubt he might be intelligent, but he needs to rest, its for him to retire, now is he frail, no energy, munoda kuti afire pabasa mozofara.

This is 100% cruelty at its highest degree by those around him. They dont want to see him smiling.

Mwari pindirai

KKKKK coming out guns blazing!!!!!!!!!!!. Well I love my President under what circumstances. Ungabvaruke muromo kana kuita sei, kana kutukirira zvinengei I still love gushungo. Tukai zvenyu ndimi munogona asi one thing for sure is VaMugabe is president of Africa. Kuzvida kana kuzviramba, kuswotwa kana kusaswotwa. Totomuda sokuti kutuka hakuchinji chinhu. Unofunga kuti ukatuka vaMugabe vanobva pachigaro Tsvangirai otora chigaro kkkkkkkk. Munondipasa manyemwe mhani.

Vanzi fambai makatarisa pasi muone kuti Mai Mujuru havana kuisa zvimwe zvinotsvedza pasi here.

Why was he being defensive after being asked if he was ok...

He suspects that Charamba put some slippery substance on the carpet!

Me ndoda manyorero ako askana, very original and shows creativity.

-Its a pity that President Mugabe is surrounded by wolfes,remember he has a very young family Bona-Robert-Chatunga who can not decide to switch off the plug(Christina STYLE).The president does not need anything anymore he has ruled ,he has money he has seen it all. We need a strong family member to tell him to go and REST. Look some are talking about impeachment some are laughing at him saying he fell-please guys that old man needs to rest a leave a legacy-a legacy that we know BOB to be be what he is.

saka nhayi vhanhu we ka Mukweghuru ako ka chamukwanisa geresi here kurova Mbhoro nekuti zvirikuto woneka kuti hapachina. zviripo. apa . sorry Bhoky . wa va kuchi pazirwa na Mogiza we ma baby to bad.

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