Monday 1 July 2024


Jameson Timba and 77 other CCC activists were yesterday denied bail by a Harare magistrate.

Magistrate Ruth Moyo said that their release would undermine the rule of law and jeopardise the safety of the people and confidence in the police. She then remanded the 78 in custody to July 10 for the start of their trial.

Prosecutor Thomas Chanakira alleged in the remand hearings that on June 16, police were tipped off that the 78 were holding an unsanctioned gathering for the purposes of engaging in an unlawful demonstration in Harare.

The court heard that the police called for back-up after noticing that the group was behaving in a riotous manner.

Mr Chanakira further alleged that the 78 hurled stones at the police officers, resulting in two of them being injured. It is alleged that the accused persons only stopped after police used tear smoke to contain the situation.


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