Thursday 4 July 2024


The bail hearing of Mike Chimombe and Moses Mpofu was postponed yesterday after the magistrate did not show up.

He said he was ill. The investigating officer Henry Chapwanya opposed bail, arguing that releasing Chimombe and Mpofu could lead to public order disturbances.

He said Zimbabwean citizens were angry because the goat scheme was supposed to uplift rural poor people. Chapwanya said the duo could not be released on bail since citizens would protest, which could undermine peace and security, considering that the country is hosting the Sadc summit next month.

He said Chimombe and Mpofu interfered with investigations by releasing a memo on social media platforms commenting on a case which was under investigation.

Chapwanya said the two were a flight risk as they could sustain their lives outside Zimbabwe, given that they had the financial muscle.


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