Friday 28 June 2024


A Chitungwiza teacher was lured by a teen to her house where he was later held captive for five days.

At least US$5 000 was extorted from the teacher as he was held captive. The girl’s mother was later arrested and dragged to court. Rumbidzai Tauro (40) is facing kidnapping charges. The court heard that on November 30 last year, Gerald Madamombe ( 52) was lured by the minor.

Madamombe was taken to Tauro’s bedroom where she burst in and accused Madamombe of having affair with her daughter. The Herald reports that she then locked him in the house and called Tinotenda Migiyi, who has already appeared before the court, and two others, who are still at large to come to her house.

When Migiyi and his accomplices arrived, they assaulted Mr Madamombe with different types of weapons all over the body.  They ordered him to remove everything in his pockets as well as his clothes and he complied.

Prosecution further alleged that the gang then demanded US$400 from the teacher to stop the assault, but he only offered them US$100 which they rejected. The continued to demand more cash.

On 5 December at around 11am detectives from CID Chitungwiza received a tip-off that Mr Madamombe, who was reported missing, had been kidnapped by the gang and was at their residence.

When detectives arrived at the house they rescued Mr Madamombe who was in the bedroom with hands tied up with a piece of cloth. He was taken to a hospital for medical examination.

The total value extorted is US$5 184 and only US$243 was recovered.



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