Tuesday 25 June 2024


I woke up to loads of messages in my inbox from my neighbours and friends that officers from CID Law and Order visited my house in Chitungwiza last night looking for me. Today, I have advised my lawyer Harrison Nkomo to go and inquire from CID Law and Order if they are truly looking for me so that, I can cut short my medical treatment to go back to Zimbabwe and clear my name over my address at the Geneva Summit for Human and Democracy which I gather, is the issue they want to press charges against me.

What also surprises me is that, my absence from Zimbabwe for medicals is known by everyone and wonder why the state agents would go to look for me at my house when they know that I am not in Zimbabwe at the present moment.

This would not surprise me because of the hysteria ZANU PF functionaries hyped against me after the said address in Geneva. I honestly do not understand their agenda to arrest me, but be reassured that I will be back as soon as my lawyer confirms that they are truly looking for me to clear my name. He was writing on X.



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