Friday 14 June 2024


A four-year-old boy was kidnapped and sexually assaulted for four days by a Chivhu man. The man (20) was dragged to court and sentenced to 24 years in jail for sodomising the boy.

The accused who cannot be named appeared before a Chivhu magistrate. He pleaded guilty. According to Midweek Watch, the man kept the boy in the bush for four days and sexually assaulted him.

The court heard that on the 16th day of May 2024 at Gwatidzo village the accused person met the complainant on his way back from school. He lured him into a nearby bush by telling him that he had been sent by his mother to collect him after school.

 He kept the boy in the bush for several days before he was caught on the 20th of May 2024. A few days after the boy went missing again, the grandmother was informed that the child had been seen in the area, in the company of the accused person.

The villagers formed a search party leading to the accused person’s arrest. The child told his grandmother about the sexual abuse and the accused person was arrested.

The accused person was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for the first count of kidnapping and on the second count he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

 He will serve 24 years effectively


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