Thursday 23 May 2024


War veterans have been offered medical aid and improved economic opportunities as President Mnangagwa woos them ahead of Zanu PF’s elective congress expected later this year.

“I, therefore, expect to receive comprehensive proposals of programmes to be rolled out by the (War Veterans) League. In this regard, my administration is ready to facilitate the broad-based empowerment of your membership so that you fully participate in the economy, as well as the ongoing industrialisation, modernisation and national development agenda.

“I direct the Ministry of Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Affairs, which I deliberately established, and the War Veterans Board, to quicken the implementation of interventions towards addressing the challenges affecting this special constituency.

“As the lead ministry and institutions administering key legislative functions about war veterans of the liberation struggle, you must be innovative, work harder and make strategic decisions to cater for the welfare and concerns of our veterans.

“I challenge war veterans to remain aware that our yester-year revolutionary unity is the glue that must continue to bind us together. Cadre-ship growth and raising the political consciousness in the rank and file of the party is of paramount importance.

“You must, therefore, develop and implement a robust programme towards the speedy restructuring and re-organisation of the War Veterans League from the cell/village, branch, districts and province, right up to the national level.

“Our deeply entrenched internal constitutional democratic processes must be followed to the letter. Zanu PF is the only revolutionary party with a DNA that strictly adheres to its founding policies, procedures, regulations and the sanctity of the constitution. We as the war veterans must always toe the correct line of the party.”



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