Sunday 26 May 2024


In a traumatizing case of rape, a Bikita man allegedly forced himself on three sisters, one after another and broke the virginity of the youngest who is aged 16.

The three complainants aged 16, 28 and 30 were allegedly ordered to strip naked and held hostage between 5pm and 10pm as they were raped by Terrible Mukanga (26) who was armed with a knife. Mukanga humiliated his victims, allegedly describing their private parts and telling the 30-year-old that hers was not tight enough to satisfy him.

Mukanga allegedly started by raping the 16-year-old whom he made to bend downwards but he stopped and left her when she started screaming. He then went to the 30-year-old and raped her but complained that she was not tight enough and asked the number of children she had given birth to.

He went back to the youngest girl and raped her. He then went for the 28-year-old sister who showed her a pad but he ignored her state and raped her.

It is alleged that Mukanga raped the 28-year-old sister while she was bending down holding onto the shoulders of her 16-year-old sibling. He allegedly instructed the minor to take notes as he raped the older sister.

After raping the three complainants, Mukanga allegedly raped the eldest sister for the second time and this lasted the longest before he freed the complainants to go home at around 10pm.

Zimbabwe is a patriarchal society where abuse of women is taken lightly in many communities. One family in Gutu is currently demanding a review of two cases where two accused persons were acquitted for raping minors in Grade 1 and 7. The Grade 7 minor was infected with an STI.

The family is convinced that the cases were swept under the carpet.

Mukanga of Zindove Village and his alleged accomplice Thomas Hungwe (27) of Mayemu village both under Chief Mabika in Bikita are remanded in custody after appearing before Regional Magistrate Judith Zuyu last Thursday facing three counts of rape.

It is alleged that on April 3, 2024, at around 5pm the three women were on their way home from Mukanga Business Center to Mugarare Village. The accused who were also at the business center decided to follow them on a motorbike ridden by Hungwe.

Mukanga blocked the way of the three and threatening them with a knife, assaulted and ordered them to walk towards Garari Hill. Hungwe allegedly remained on the motorbike.

The three were made to sit down and then Mukanga went about raping the sisters. Mukanga allegedly assaulted the eldest sister for not having a tight private part.

During the trial, it emerged that Mukanga raped the three while Hungwe sat on the bike.

Ronald Kwangwari prosecuted. Masvingo Mirror


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