Sunday 19 May 2024


Daisy Mtukudzi says, Aaron who claims to be Tuku’s son is a fraud. “Where was he all along? Why has he all of a sudden decided to come forward claiming to be my husband’s son? What is his real motive?

“This is so disturbing, to say the least. At 45, Aaron is an old man. I have never seen him in my entire life, even when Mtukudzi was still alive. He did not even show up at his so-called father’s funeral wake, burial and memorial service, only to appear five years later with such claims; this is just amazing.

“Some of the Mtukudzi family members are still bitter; they do not like me, and they are trying to use every possible loophole to seize property from me. They think they will gain access to the estate by changing Aaron’s surname to Mtukudzi.”

Daisy told The Sunday Mail that said she was open to the idea of Aaron going for DNA tests to prove his paternity.

However, Aaron is reluctant to undergo DNA tests. In fact, he claims to be in good books with several Mtukudzi family members, who have since told him that “DNA tests are not necessary”.

“The family has already welcomed me. I will never make myself available for DNA testing, even if Tinashe Mugabe offers to do it for free. Besides, this is against our tradition. Traditionally, we did not do DNA tests; why now? Tinashe (Mugabe) has since been warned by our elders not to meddle in our family affairs.”


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