Wednesday 10 April 2024


A TRIO of sex workers, whose base is at Gail Court in Harare, is facing charges of robbing a client during a melee which was sparked by accusations that he had underpaid one of them for her services.

John Mukoma, the complainant, approached Aisha Marira who charged him US$5 for ‘short time’ services.

Marira suggested that they go to Gail Court and, upon arrival, she started arguing that the US$5 she had charged wasn’t enough.

She then called her accomplices — Panashe Kamunhu and Primrose Muduchwa, as well as one Ngoni who is on the run — and they teamed up against Mukoma, demanding money from him.

They went on to assault him before robbing him of his phone, Adidas wrist watch and US$40 and fled from the scene.

Mukoma filed a police report and managed to identify his assailants.

The trio is back in court today. Thomas Chanakira prosecuted. H Metro


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