Thursday 11 April 2024


A SUSPENDED founder member of Mokoomba has made sensational claims that the musical outfit’s finances are in a mess and band members are surviving from hand-to-mouth despite the numerous tours they undertake overseas.

He also claims there is generally a lack of transparency in the way funds are used. Abundance Ephraim Mutori, who is a bassist in the band, has written to the National Arts Council highlighting the issues he claims were blighting the group.

Mokoomba have the biggest profile, among all the country’s bands, in Europe and are currently on a tour of the United States.

Mutori was dropped from that tour.

H-Metro is in possession of the damning letter Mutori wrote to the NAC.

“When we ask for paperwork regarding concert contracts, budgets or even statements of royalties, it’s always stories, bad vibes and finger pointing…we are always in the dark regarding this information.

“We don’t have both management and band contracts, even a Mokoomba lawyer to guide and enlighten us.

“Things have been changing for the worst, even looking at the past two years.

“We go on tours without paperwork, even a straight budget, we are told there is no money after a tour and the money gets sent after weeks without proper accounting and it’s always loss after loss.

“To be honest, the money we get at Mokoomba is little, it has always been hand-to-mouth, no progress at all

“I feel that there is no more respect between us as a few only have the right to talk about the band’s accounts and money is received in ghost accounts, we don’t even see proof of how much has been deposited, the accounts have just been changing without our knowledge.

“No proper accounting and information is given for online shop sales for brand merchandise (T-shirts, bags, jackets, etc).”

He added: “It’s sad the way we are treating each other at Mokoomba because it doesn’t show we are a professional band determined to reach its potential.

“The importance of building each other as artists has never been considered, if one speaks out on these issues, he’s threatened, suspended from concerts/tours or some form of penalty is put into force.

“I have been a victim in the past and I have been patient over the years and it’s happening again.

“I don’t see a bright future for our band if the work ethic is not changed and we find internal lasting solutions to keep the Mokoomba dream alive.” H Metro


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