Sunday 3 March 2024


The late Moreblessing Ali’s father Farai Ali expressed disbelief at the manner in which his daughter was murdered.

“It really pains my heart that my daughter was murdered, and cut into pieces like chicken,” he said.

“She died a very painful death. Moreblessing was a hard worker; She built this house on her own.”

He recounted the last conversation he had with Moreblessing where she revealed her plans for the future.

“Before she was murdered, she called me on the phone and told me that her husband wanted to finish paying lobola,” he said.

“We would never have guessed that she was about to leave us.”

Her mother, Judith Chisiwa said she was still traumatised.

“We still demand answers,” she said.

 “We wonder how they murdered her. "We are shocked; we were robbed of a very humble and loving daughter. It’s so painful, "I hope and pray my daughter finally rests in peace.”

Ali’s brother, Wellington said the family was harassed after Moreblessing’s murder.

“The truth must be told so that we may find peace and closure,” Wellington said.

“Soon after we heard that Moreblessing was killed, we were harassed and assaulted after we gathered to mourn her.

“I will not mention names of the people, but what I want to say is that there are evil and heartless people out there.”

Ali’s daughter, Nyasha said: “I still have a lot of questions.

“We had arranged to go to the farm over a telephone conversation. I did not know that that was my last time talking to her.”

The family’s lawyer Sikhala vowed to pursue justice for the family.

 “The bones of Moreblessing Ali that were put to rest today (yesterday) shall rise again,” Sikhala said.

 “Her death is not in vain. It will surely have a role to play in the future politics of this country.

“But the lesson that we have all learnt is that never again will we lose a life because of political differences.”

Sikhala thanked the Ali family for standing by him when he was in jail. The family vowed not to bury Ali until Sikhala was released. Standard


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