Sunday 25 February 2024


Senzo Tshabangu says if Chamisa uses his face for his new party the CCC will sue him.

“We wanted to popularise the party with Chamisa’s face. He agreed to it and its CCC trade name. We have to go to congress to pass a resolution to do away with Chamisa’s face as our logo. If he decides to use the logo with his face we will sue him because he was never forced to use his face. “

It was a voluntary decision. He agreed for us to use his face as the logo. He will not use it until we decide to let go. He knows it. That is why he has not challenged it.”

“We are going to break the chains of accountability. We are going to break the chains of popularity. So all that we are asking from Chamisa is for him to account to the CCC that he was the leader of the CCC and receiving every donation… as long as he remains in this country, the laws of this country will visit him.”

“We have properties. We have the intellectual property-the trademarks. Those are the properties that we are referring to. We have structures, like when we are talking about accountability, President Chamisa needs to account for everything that there were structures. The party had membership cards, t shirts, properties right across the country,. He was the treasurer, the secretary general. He remains the CCC president until he accounts for the party assets.”

Tshabangu as speaking to The Standard


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