Friday 19 January 2024


The woman, who shot a video which recently went viral on social media in which she was accusing a construction company of selling water contaminated with sewage to the public, appeared in court yesterday.

Sandra Mazvita Pamberi (46) recorded a live video on Facebook at an area in Greystone Park, Harare, where a bowser truck owned by Adel Contracting was parked and drawing water from a stream.

In the video she is seen confronting the driver of the vehicle accusing him and the company of selling water contaminated with raw sewage to residents of upmarket areas like Borrowdale.

The driver is seen trying to explain that it is not drinking water, but Pamberi insists that it is for drinking.

Pamberi, who is represented by Advocate Taona Sibanda, appeared before Harare magistrate Mrs Appollonia Marutya charged with transmission of false data message intending to cause harm.

She was ordered to pay US$100 bail , to surrender her passport and was remanded to January 26.

The State represented by Mr Rufaro Chonzi alleges that on January 15 on Gatspan Road, off Drew Road, Greystone Park, Pamberi  recorded a video using her cellphone stating that people should not buy water from the company because they were pumping sewage water into their truck.

She posted it on social media platforms including Facebook.

It is alleged that by posting the false data, Pamberi wanted the company to lose clients thereby prejudicing it financially. Herald


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