Wednesday 10 January 2024


The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) will take disciplinary action against its employees who made tribal remarks on air.

Last week on Good Morning Zimbabwe, presenters made remarks that sought to place blame on King Lobengula for colonialism.

Government is on record that there is no place for tribalism in the country and the media must be used as a medium to unite people.

In a statement, ZBC said action will be taken against those found on the wrong side.

“The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) extends its apologies to the people of Zimbabwe, and its audiences regarding the inappropriate remarks made by the presenters of Good Morning Zimbabwe on Wednesday, 3rd January 2024,” reads part of the statement.

“The National Broadcaster places it on record that the said remarks do not represent the views of the ZBC. ZBC holds great respect for all the people of Zimbabwe, as well as the valorous history of our forefathers in defending their land, humanity, and dignity.

“Furthermore, ZBC assures the nation that it upholds a comprehensive Editorial Policy that places national interests at the forefront of all content.

“Concurrently, appropriate disciplinary measures are being taken against any individuals found to have violated the Standard Operating Procedures and Editorial Policy of the national broadcaster,” said ZBC in a statement. Herald


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