Saturday 21 October 2023


THE World Cancer Research Fund International has released chilling statistics showing that Zimbabwe has the highest number of cancer-related deaths, with 142,9 per 100 000 women succumbing to the chronic ailment.

According to the research, breast and cervical cancer are prevalent among women, with the country being one of six nations with at least 120 per 100 000 women dying due to breast and cervical cancers.

 “The highest rate of death from cancer in women was in Zimbabwe at 142,9 women per 100 000. The age-standardised rate was at least 120 per 100 000 in six countries: Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Samoa, Malawi, Serbia and Papua New Guinea,” read the report.

A 2018 cancer research conducted by Unicef revealed that Zimbabwe had the fifth highest burden of cervical cancer in the world, with over 1 000 feminine deaths recorded each year.

“According to the World Cancer Research Fund, Zimbabwe has the fifth highest burden of cervical cancer in the world. Over a thousand women die from the disease in the country every year, making it the most common cause of cancer in women in the country,” Unicef stated.

The Cancer Association of Zimbabwe recommends regular screening as the best method of detecting cervical cancer. Standard


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