Wednesday 11 October 2023


Prompt action by a group of soldiers getting off their bus in Kuwadzana on Sunday night rescued a driver being robbed by a gang, leading to the arrest of two gang members on murder and armed robbery charges who were already wanted by police.

The soldiers, who had just disembarked from a service bus, saw a motorist being robbed by a four-man gang along the Harare-Bulawayo Road between Kuwadzana 6 and Dzivaresekwa. 

They moved in and managed to arrest one of the suspects who later led police to another suspect.

Before Sunday’s arrest, the two armed robbers and their two accomplices who are still at large, had on September 22, allegedly attacked a driver who wanted to help his colleague who had run out of fuel along Harare-Bulawayo Road.

The driver, Talkmore Vinga, died on October 6 from injuries sustained in the attack.

Tafadzwa Chayambuka (29) and Simon Chihungwe (34), yesterday appeared before Harare regional magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa facing robbery, murder and attempted murder charges.

Apart from allegedly killing Vinga, they are also accused of attempting to kill Freddy Chigumira on Sunday night after he had parked his vehicle along the same road before robbing him of his cellphone and US$1 200.

According to the State, on September 22 at around 10pm, the late Mr Vinga, a driver at a local company, was sent to Norton with 20 litres of diesel to rescue his colleague, Timothy Shambare, whose haulage truck had run out of fuel.

The haulage truck was refuelled with 10 litres of diesel and Shambare started driving towards Harare while Vinga followed. 

The truck stopped again at the 14km peg along the Harare-Bulawayo Road near Dzivaresekwa turn-off after it had run out of fuel again. 

Mr Vinga took the remaining 10 litres of fuel and started walking towards the haulage truck and along the way, he was approached by Chayambuka and Chihungwe and their other two accomplices. 

One of the gang hit him on the head with a stone and he fell down and became unconscious.

Mr Shambare who was standing by his haulage truck armed with spanners and a metal bar charged the gang and they fled.

Mr Shambare then phoned his employer who came to the scene and took Mr Vinga to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital where he was admitted and the matter was reported at ZRP Kuwadzana. 

Mr Vinga died on October 6 and an autopsy showed that the death had been caused by injuries he sustained from the assault.

On the second count of attempted murder, allegations are that on Sunday at around 11.50am, Freddy Chigumira left Kuwadzana 6 shopping centre intending to go home driving his Mercedes Benz ML. 

He turned into Bulawayo road facing towards town and briefly parked his motor vehicle and was then attacked by the same gang.

One of the gang armed with a stone smashed Chigumira’s right front window and then hit him on the head, inflicting deep injuries and causing profuse bleeding. The gang demanded cash and valuables and Chigumira surrendered US$1 200 which was in his pocket to one of the accused persons. 

One of the suspects then took his cellphone. During the robbery, the gang was disturbed by members of the Zimbabwe National Army who had just dropped off from their bus. 

The soldiers then gave chase and apprehended Chayambuka who then led police to the arrest of Chihungwe. Herald


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