Sunday 29 October 2023


SOUTH Africans are not having it with President Cyril Ramaphosa as they demand to have a public holiday tomorrow after the statesman promised it a few days ago.

Some people suggested Ramaphosa could be using the Rugby World Cup for electioneering.

After defeating France, Ramaphosa said some people asked for a holiday that he declined, but he said he would consider one if the boys win the World Cup.

“This incredible success that our boys have achieved in Paris. Many of them felt that we should declare today a public holiday and I declined. I said we will only consider that when they win the final at which I will personally be present,” said Ramaphosa.

The video where he said this is currently viral on various social media platforms.

The Springboks defeated New Zealand with a point, in a nail-biting final in Paris on Saturday night. Ramaphosa had an opportunity to stand on a podium and give players medals and hold the Webb Ellis Cup.

People even joked about French President Emmanuel Macron who was seen holding an umbrella for Ramaphosa as it was raining.

“Never in a Rugby World Cup tournament has any team had to travel on such a difficult road as the Springbok team of 2023, having beaten the top-ranking rugby teams in the world to reach this finale,” said Ramaphosa.

“I spoke to the boys earlier today and informed them of the 62 million people back home joined by the entire African continent who are rooting for them and who will stand behind them throughout the final.

“The boys are determined and fully driven by your support. We are bringing the cup home,” said Ramaphosa.

Political analyst, Dr Ongama Mtimka, said the country can draw a great lesson from the president.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, the Presidency announced that Ramaphosa will address the nation tomorrow (Monday) at 8pm.

This left a number of people angry since they said they were looking forward to the public holiday. IOL


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