Tuesday 24 October 2023


AFRO jazz legend,  Bob “Headmaster” Nyabinde, is critically ill and has been hospitalised at a local health facility.

Nyabinde, who is fighting diabetes, collapsed over the weekend and injured his hip.

On Sunday, top promoters — Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza and Josh Hozheri — mobilised other players on the showbiz scene and held a fundraising show at Sherwood Golf Club in Mabelreign.

Before the fundraising show, the promoters and family ensured that Nyabinde was admitted at a local hospital.

As such, he missed the fundraising show where close to US$4000 was raised on Sunday night.

Dub poet Albert Nyathi was among the guest speakers alongside the legendary Baba Machanic Manyeruke.

Promoters and friends managed to raise US$2000 cash, while another US$2000 came through pledges.

Baba Manyeruke pledged US$100.

“I am pledging US$100 for this worthy cause and I can even add more because Nyabinde is our close friend in showbiz.

“His illness, which I hear has left him in a bad state, requires us to unite as artists and save one of ours.

“To the family, this is the right time to unite and stop feuding, if there are any such issues.”

He added: “I urge the committee to make serious follow-ups on people who made pledges here.

“We don’t want people to get the mileage for the pledges, which they cannot meet.”

Hozheri said:

“I saw him today (Sunday)  and the situation is bad.  We have come up with this idea to mobilise resources and save him.


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