Wednesday 13 September 2023


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) has congratulated Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa on his appointment as Minister of Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Affairs.

The war veterans said the new role presented a valuable opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of war veterans.

In a statement, ZNLWVA interim secretary for publicity and information Cde Edward Dube said they recognised that there had been unsynchronised relationship between the ZNLWVA leadership and the ministry in the past and they believed that by adopting an inclusive approach, Ambassador Mutsvangwa could rebuild trust and foster productive collaboration.

Cde Dube said the proposed partnership with the ZNLWVA could address the needs of war veterans and ensure their overall well-being through policy development and implementation.

“By seeking their insights and recommendations, based on their first hand experiences, you can ensure that policies are comprehensive, relevant, and effectively meet the specific needs of war veterans. The collaboration will recognise the ZNLWVA as a strong advocate for war veterans within the Government.’’

“It will emphasise that you value their role in safeguarding the interests of war veterans and commit to actively involving them in decision-making processes. By working together, you can effectively communicate and address the concerns, rights, and welfare of war veterans within the government structure.’’

Cde Dube said there was need to collaborate with the ZNLWVA to ensure that war veterans had seamless access to the programmes and benefits administered by Amb Mutsvangwa’s ministry which he implored to seek their input in designing and delivering benefits, while jointly identifying gaps and proposing improvements to enhance the support provided to war veterans.

He said there was also a need to develop and implement initiatives that promote entrepreneurship, skills development, and employment opportunities specifically tailored to war veterans.

“Involve the ZNLWVA in shaping these programs, as their insights and understanding of war veterans’ needs will be invaluable,’’ Cde Dube said.

“With the support and resources of your ministry, war veterans can gain the tools and opportunities necessary to build sustainable livelihoods. The Ministry should collaborate with the ZNLWVA to document and celebrate war veterans’ contributions and sacrifices.

“It must also establish museums, memorial sites, and educational programmes that honour their legacy. By recognising their invaluable role, you can inspire future generations to appreciate the sacrifices made for Zimbabwe’s freedom.’’

He said the Ministry should ensure that social support and welfare services are readily available to war veterans and collaborate with ZNLWVA to identify the specific needs of war veterans and ensure the effective delivery of healthcare, counselling services, housing support, and other social welfare programs. 

Cde Dube said by working together Amb Mutsvangwa could make a significant difference in the lives of war veterans providing them with the necessary support and care they deserve.

He also mentioned access to farming land, provision of residential stands and housing, land ownership and tenure security, agricultural support and training and housing support and financing as areas that needed to be addressed.

“By adopting an inclusive approach and prioritizing collaboration with the ZNLWVA, you can rebuild trust and foster a productive relationship. We believe that with your leadership and dedication, war veterans in Zimbabwe will receive the support and recognition they deserve,’’ Cde Dube said. Herald


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