Wednesday 9 August 2023


Presiden Mnangagwa’s administration was on Wednesday commended by Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for ongoing efforts to modernise and equip public hospitals in the country to world-class standards.

Parirenyatwa hospital chief executive, Aspect Jacob Maunganidze told New Ziana the Second Republic had striven, against many odds, to improve healthcare in the country since coming into office in 2017.

He was speaking on the sidelines of President Mnangagwa’s hand-over on Wednesday of imaging equipment, ambulances, utility vehicles and dental sets to the hospital, the latest of such help from government to Parirenyatwa and other medical institutions in the country.

“President Mnangagwa’s administration has made it very much easy to access health care. The equipment that has been availed is equipment which is needed on the ground by specialists. We are getting equipment which is appropriate for the facility and Parirenyatwa is a referral hospital and the government has made sure we go a long way to be at that level by providing equipment and the buses, infrastructural refurbishments,” Maunganidze said.

“The MRI, which is an advanced technology which is now available, is the latest in the region (and) will ensure that all who need a service are done in-house at affordable rates and this will go a long way in making our dream of making health care service available, cheap and affordable,” he added.

Maunganidze said the hospital was also now renovating ablution and water facilities through funding released from government.

He said buses donated by the government to the hospital on Wednesday will help alleviate transport challenges that were faced by health workers.

“As a premier institution in the country, we have a large contingent of health care workers who are here. These vehicles which include 65-seater buses will go a long way in transporting our workers to and from work.”

Chief radiographer at the hospital, Tendayi Watyoka said: “This MRI equipment will go a long way in assisting all those patients who were unable to get the service in the public domain because, of late, it was only Sally Mugabe hospital which had this equipment, but ours is a more improved unit which will assist even the doctors in making the diagnosis within the hospital for cardiovascular, spinal as well as brain injury patients.”

Harare government dental centre’s Kudzayishe Chimedza said the new equipment will improve access to oral health.

“We are privileged to have received new dental equipment. There is a huge gap in terms of oral health in Zimbabwe that’s why most people opt for tooth removal. With this equipment, we can provide those other solutions for tooth problems,” she said.

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