Monday 7 August 2023


OPPOSITION leader Nelson Chamisa made Sakubva Sports Oval rain with Zimdollar notes after declaring that once he is elected President, he will do away with the local currency, violence and centralisation of power in one person or one region at the expense of national development.

Excited supporters fished out local currency notes from their pockets and threw them in the air, forcing Chamisa to momentarily stop his speech.

“Let us say goodbye to the valueless local currency. We want to ensure that people earn money that has value. Voting for me will signal the end of the local currency,” Chamisa said.

The local currency is recovering slowly after suffering a sharp depreciation against the United States dollar in May and June.

Chamisa said he was worried about the culture of name-dropping being perpetuated by the Zanu PF-led government.

He said once elected to power, he would end that culture.

“We have seen people killing others, violating laws and behaving as if they are a law unto themselves. They do this while brandishing a Zanu PF flag, which is their protection.

“You see just a few days ago, our supporter was killed in Harare. Nothing will happen. There will be no accountability. This is what our country has become and this cannot continue. Under my government, violence will be a thing of the past,” Chamisa said.

Violence and intimidation ahead of the August 23 general elections, especially in rural areas, have been on the increase, with chiefs and headmen reportedly leading the onslaught.

Chamisa said he had been approached by chiefs who claimed that Zanu PF was forcing them to write down the names of potential voters.

“Chiefs have been telling me that they are being forced to write the names of their subjects and forcing them to vote for Zanu PF. (President Emmerson and Zanu PF leader) Mnangagwa is behaving like (the late former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian) Smith, using violence and intimidation to govern without the consent of the people,” Chamisa said.

During a rally in Mhondoro-Mubaira recently, Zanu PF vice-president Kembo Mohadi let the cat out of the bag when he said all chiefs were required to create a register of their subjects and track who they vote for.

On education, Chamisa said he would bring an end to the Continuous Assessment Learning Activities regime, which has brought discomfort to parents and teachers.

The CCC leader said he would introduce free education at primary level and reintroduce grants at university level.

On devolution, the CCC leader said he would ensure that all towns and cities are empowered to make decisions.

Chamisa said Zimbabweans should  change the leader of the country if they wanted development and progress.

“The country is heading in the wrong direction. We need to change the coach and the coach is Mnangagwa. He has failed us, failed this nation and we need a new coach,” he said.

The CCC had to use Sakubva Sports Oval after it failed to secure the main stadium which is under renovation. Newsday


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