Saturday 1 July 2023


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has issued a stern warning to some businesses that have, in the past week, devised new measures to cripple the economy through creating artificial shortages of goods saying the Government will not sit and watch the practice go out of hand.

Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at Nyele Primary School in Bulilima, Matabeleland South Province yesterday, President Mnangagwa said that the behaviour was one of the latest strategies being employed by those working against Zanu-PF.

His statement comes in the wake of a sudden disappearance of basic commodities including sugar, cooking oil and flour in most shops especially in major urban areas. The shortage is despite Government recently exempting a list of basic goods from import tax after an attack was directed on the local currency two months ago triggering a wave of price increases. Speaking at the oversubscribed star rally, President Mnangagwa said he had since directed a team to investigate the latest shenanigans.

“We are being attacked, currently, nema price achikwira. Why? Just when we announced that we are going for a general election, our enemies decided to cause problems among our people, ma-prices kutanga kukwira kunana Inscor,” said the President.

“I have been told today that some Indians in Harare are stocking basic goods in Harare. “Vanonotenga sugar yakawanda kuChiredzi, all the basic goods like flour and so on vo-stocker muma warehouses, vokwidza ma-price.”

Added President Mnangagwa: “Let me warn them. I have my people investigating these warehouses and if it is true, we shall confiscate not only the warehouses, but also the things inside and give to you to distribute. If they want to hoard, ngavadzokere vanoita hoard kunyika dzekwavo not in Zimbabwe. Our government will never never tolerate such activities in independent Zimbabwe.”

President Mnangagwa reiterated that economic stability and development was at the heart of the Second Republic. He emphasised that Zimbabweans should rally behind Government’s development agenda conscious of the fact that the country could only be developed by its people. He said Zimbabwe would forge ahead using its natural and human resources.

President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe had adopted a deliberate plan to stimulate economic growth and development from grassroot levels.

“We have a system of devolution. In the past everything was done in Harare. We made decisions in Harare, in Cabinet, for every district, for every province, for every ward. Then we realised that we in Harare cannot know the pressing needs for each community. So, we decided to introduce devolution funds which are then sent to communities. Since 2020 we have sent $16 billion to Matabeleland South for you to deal with small community needs. We shall continue to increase devolution funds.”

President Mnangagwa said Matabeleland South was rich in minerals and the Zanu-PF government would continue to ensure the resources benefit the communities first and the economy as a whole.

He also called for a realisation of full tourism benefits in the province taking advantage of Matopos, which attracts foreigners. Sunday News


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