Tuesday 4 July 2023


ARE some University of Zimbabwe female students working as escorts and getting US$300 per month?

According to an audio, which is circulating on social media, an agent, who scouts for escorts, appears to suggest that could be the case.

“You said, UZ female students are scouted for sex and paid for their services?” asks the man in the audio recording.

A female voice replies: “For now, there is no one at the college but students will be back in early September and the first-year students (1:1) are coming in August.

“So, I was thinking, we can make money with these first-year students because they really don’t know a lot.

“The senior students at the campus will be demanding more money since vanenge vakuziva zvakawanda, unlike the first-year students.

“Vakataura mari inoita like US$50 or so, it will be good.”

The man then asks “who will then pay the money?”

The response then comes from the female voice:

“That’s what we are discussing, to look for people who would like to have the girls.

“It’s US$50 for the night and I will be the one paying the female students at the end of the month.

“I have female students who want money for sex.”

The man then demands some pictures of the girls.

“I just do the selection of students and see kuti ndovapei.

“Currently they are being given US$300 per month and it depends because some of these students are working in local clubs.

“They are students, vanouya vachitorwa every Friday.

“Yavanenge wawana mu club, they will go with it and charge yavo ye selection.” H Metro


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