Friday 21 July 2023


RALPH Junior School in Zimre Park has come under fire for closing its doors and cancelling classes today in order to prepare for the wedding of the school owner’s son tomorrow.

Despite some parents’ protests, the school maintains that it has the right to close for the wedding preparations, as it is a private institution.

Some parents have expressed disappointment that they pay for their children’s education but this is now being compromised for a non-academic event.

The school has also faced criticism for locking the parents’ WhatsApp group, which prevents them from voicing their opinions. 

Only school administrators are able to post messages.

One parent said they were notified via a WhatsApp message that their children should not attend school today, but instead return on Monday.

“Please note that, tomorrow Friday 20 July 2023, children are not coming to school because Mr Mungwari Junior is wedding on Saturday 21 July at Ralph Junior School.

“Therefore, there are a lot of preparations which are taking place at the school.

“Children are coming back to school on Monday 24 July 2023. There will be no weekend lessons for Grade 7s,” reads the WhatsApp message.

The parent said he was disturbed by the school owner’s behaviour to do as he pleased at the expense of the students.

“I called the school about the message and they told me that they do what they feel is right because it’s their school.

“Havana nguva nevana.

“Today children did not attend classes at all as they were made to clean the school to prepare for the wedding.

“It pains me as a parent because I pay for my child to learn and not prepare for someone’s wedding,” said the parent.

The school owner and the headmaster did not respond to H-Metro’s inquiries. H Metro


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